Thoughts on Developer Period Summary, Next Steps & Vote


I think it can be good to be able to discuss this important post and share thoughts, positions and intentions.
I clarify that I am a non tech community member (no knowledge of dev, coding)
The technical skills needed to run and understand fully the BC project makes it challenging for most. Thus the lack of commits by community and the inability of the team to recruit more devs. Hopefully team will find some talents to help and accelerate the development of the project. And maybe other devs will join when it will become easier to work on it. Team’s role will be to assist them in any possible way. (making it easier to integrate the project) So the tech is ground breaking but hard to work on.
The noise, I’m not sure it should be such a concern, always was, always will be, “much a do about nothing” short term visions should just be ignored.
Yes the project evolves slower than expected but hey ■■■■ happens and we’re in unknown grounds, in a crypto start-up. I have other projects in mind who are in stealth mode since long and same issue arises. As an investor I only can wait( or invest in assets you can easily get out of), harassing doesn’t lead anywhere, and I would prefer a lock until project is running fully and safely than a speculative move which is not a serious intention at all. My point, traders should not be given so much importance in this dev post.
For the testing, well, hopefully devs will join the team to accelerate the process. Let see how successfull the team will be on the hiring and the dev period.
Eager to see the roadmap. We will all know more and that’s a good thing.
Communication, big word, paramount and not so easy. Specially at this stage of development of a project. But it needs to be adressed. Regular news (weekly) would be fantastic and at least show the steps made. Even if steps are not “weekly” made. Retaining information is not a lie :slight_smile: and satisfies most.
Even if I personaly engage in Embnation, I feel that migrating telegram channels to embnation is not a good move. Visibility is way better on TG, Embnation suffers the problem of any forums… hard to find your info, flooded in the stream, not interactive, not mobile friendly, I see it as a step back and an over-centralization. A good Discord would be great to work and share knowledge, restrain any speculative talks and ranting. (I have one already running in case :slight_smile: )
Basically, ■■■■ yeah we should support the project in any possible way, team needs to work on communication, solve the hiring issue and be able to move steadily and fast to achieve a working product.
To give a parallel, Dfinity is a ground breaking project, first seed investors were in beginning 2017, product still not out… things take time.
Last word which I find important, staying professionnal is challenging when you are working your ■■■ off for a project and seeing some short term attitudes neglecting it, fudding or falsifying your ideas but some banned members were not fudsters, some of your answers ( @schnorr) were inadequate, lacked empathy ,understanding and respect. Staying more neutral and detached could serve the project in its whole. That’s also why there are what we call “communicants” to wrap things up in a satisfying way for everybody without creating unnecessary opposition.
I know I have an easy job because criticizing is definitely easier than building. Respect to all the team for the efforts, you are only humans with a monumental task ahead. Keep it up, keep your minds clear and sharp and make BC history in crytography.
From a dedicated supporter