Typos and errors in the BC ecosystem official products

While reading the WP I stumbled upon a typo that is confusing (for few secs)
So I just thought about creating this topic to flag those little annoying bastards that sneak into documents, site, forum… and maybe have them being corrected, if the team deems it necessary.

WhitePaper: page 22, on the Step line, 4th column, written ETC instead of BTC.


ETC 6th Chain :face_with_hand_over_mouth: - haha

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Yeah forgot to add that joke lol

Ah, will fix that presently. Keep em coming if you see anything else!

We appreciate the eagle eye. :male_detective:


Looked into the “borderless marktplace” docs and others, I found few typos and small errors
Will put parenthesis where something is missing or wrong. Italic for my remarks.
This marketplace is both robust and frictionless, qualities that will continue to (be) develop(ed) in the future Conjugation mistake,
Step 3.1.4 Missing a dot. This level is required to divide into 100% evenly(.) The next section will detail how to execute trades in depth.
Something which is not typo but more of a reiterance I saw few times, either trade pairs or trading pairs. Better choose one and stick to it (trading pair seems best)

Before & After-Target Mining

Block Collider has two coins built into (it’s) blockchain Its is the possessive while it’s is contraction for it is.
Centralized aggregation of money controlled by a(n) limited number of decision makers.
Balances and reward(ed) persist from Before-Target in After-Target “AT”. better have rewards ?

After-Target “AT”

  • Block speed begin(s) at a cycled rate of 5.5 seconds per block for AT-mining. conjugation, missing an S
    Emblem balance bonus(es) (are) disabled. plural or singular to accord.

How are Emblems used in mining?

(An) Emblems allows miners to expand, no need for An here.
Github ### Where is my NRG from Before Target
If you were a miner lucky enough to participate in Before Target your NRG balance (is) in the arc block. Missing an IS
https://docs.blockcollider.org/docs/table-of-contents All the way down, “introduction” links to a 404 page https://docs.blockcollider.org/docs/introduction-add-link
https://docs.blockcollider.org/docs/step-3-navigating-borderless 3.1.1 (Depth Chart, Placing an Order, etc…) The … are a common error, they’re are not needed, one dot is enough.
I’ll stop for today, missing one I am pretty sure, but can’t find it anymore. (began last night to read and spot stuff)
Sorry for the work @craig, my eagle eyes are sharp.


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Ahaha, I’ll stick to whynotbit but will pin that “eagle eye” badge to my BC shirt :star_struck:
Thx @craig for the special touch :eagle:
Will continue to review the docs when I get more time and when they get released.


It’s been long time.
In the docs, Running BC Node miner, 5th line
“Open the a program”, I think the “a” isn’t supposed to be there.

Same page: Replace “YOUR_KEY” in the argument below and the address you copied earlier when you created your wallet
It should be “by” instead of “and”


Good eye, @whynotbit! Keep the eagle eye feedback coming!

https://docs.blockcollider.org/docs/transform-fiat-into-borderless-nrg > first word, “the” is a typo, and “there” missing first cap letter
3rd line “there are just one method” I’m not sure about that one but sounds very strange to my ears ( though I’m not english native) I’d put "these or those instead)
In the Credit Card to Borderless NRG Path
Transfer purchase Bitcoin [BTC] to your Borderless Wallet (purchased ?)


On the ball, per usual. Thanks for the edits and attention to detail.

Edits shipped!

Much welcome, not much time today to continue doublechecking what has been added and edited and search for those little monsters


The top 2 paragraphs of ‘blockchain-vs-multichain’ within the blockcollider docs, are pretty much identical.

Thank you @Limster! Good eye. That doc has been updated. :slight_smile:

On Borderless marketplace, when you want to “generate” a wallet on the portfolio part, there is a typo *It is strongly encouraged to save this wallete in a safe and secure manner

on wallet.
That’s it for now.