Updated EMB, L-EMB, and NRG Icons - 1800 x 1800 px PNG

Design Objective

Create a set of logos representing EMB, L-EMB, and NRG

  • When together are recognized as an ordered set EMB, L-EMB, NRG.
  • Functional monochromatic or colorized.
  • Simple enough to be small images and icons.
  • Does not rely on text to be language agnostic.

All logos are designed within a perfect square rotated 90 degrees to represent a cut gem stone.


The ownership coin design is meant to act as both the silent supporter and the primary unit of value. A single line carves down the center of a square rotated 90 degrees. The line represents a flag acting as an origin point for the creation of both NRG and Leased Emblems (L-EMB). When set next to the NRG logo the line represents also the Roman numeral for β€œ1” or β€œI” Most important is EMB β€œI”, from EMB came NRG β€œII”.


The NRG logo has two prongs which start off center and equidistant from each-other. These represent the two unknown parties NRG connects and the Roman numeral for 2. Finally the prongs can represent trade status in mobile applications or desktop applications by showing different colored electric current to represent the stat of a transactions.


The L-EMB logo is built from the original EMB logo which infers correctly that L-EMB inherits all the power of EMB when used by miners to generate more NRG. However a circle is added meaning L-EMB is a closed loop meaning at some point is must return to it’s owner signifying the lease.