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This update cover three separate topics:

  • Developer Testing Period Summary
  • Next Steps
  • Vote

Developer Testing Period Summary

Just over 5 weeks ago Block Collider released the Developers-Only update 0.8.5. It included the scripting language Timble (previously Beam), support for cross chain transactions including callbacks, and full coverage of Blake2.

Most importantly the update represented the end of all research and development required to launch Block Collider. Everything required to operate had been completed and what was left was simply a function of developer testing, and any required fixes discovered therein.

The testing period over the last 5 weeks had two fold goals.

  1. Full tests of the platform conducted by the community.
  2. Core Block Collider team adds necessary updates or fixes.

Testing the platform is difficult and executing Timble transactions is a complicated process. The difficulty echoes the current hiring challenge Block Collider has encountered searching for distributed systems engineers with experience in cryptography. While it adds to the appreciation of the 7 expert engineers developing Block Collider, the result was that the engineers felt they could not meaningfully add to technology or conduct tests. This can be seen in other projects with less than 21 core engineers like Bitcoin Core (or 17 core engineers for Ethereum).

Furthermore, the environment was soured when a small group of traders saw this as an opportunity to attempt to manipulate the project into a liquidity event (listing) of EMB when the proper testing had not been completed. Daily they attacked the core members of the project, spread rumors, and harassed known contributors of the project. Why? For short term profit. With more than 70% of the EMB supply locked up and as one of only projects to have held its value over 2018, Block Collider is a rare store of fundamental value and a much needed success story for the exchanges who have approached the project. In addition to these qualities, the limited supply of EMB makes them attractive to speculative owners who neither understand the technology nor are interested in it’s long term success. The key to their control is to get the project to enable EMB liquidity before the functional technology is available to rely on for the average consumer. If this happens, the short-sighted can control everyone’s portfolios through fear and rumors. Projects like Cardano, RavenCoin, and VertCoin are the result of these attacks…if successful. We will not let this happen and, alongside the help of a supportive community, will continue to rebuff their attempts.

However, the fear mongering and the limited availability of the necessary skillset stalled community participation and contribution. While the core team added 15,358 lines of code, the community could not conduct formal testing of Timble or the transactions: many spending their hours responding to short-term traders.

Fortunately the tide has finally turned; people are now asking questions again and we are seeing activity on the miner. This coupled with the stabilization of the market in general means that Block Collider is perfectly timed for both releasing the fundamental project, a liquidity event for EMB, and attracting new talent to the protocol.

Every day we approach the completion of the core technology, the power of the short term traders decreases and the long term fundamental value increases for the individuals and teams who understand the impact of a long term vision.

Next Steps

  • Referral Program: We are actively seeking new candidates and will pay a finders fee of 15% of the annual salary for any successful candidate who is hired and remains employed for 3 months at Block Collider. The project is seeking RUST/Node.js engineers with experience in distributed systems and cryptography. As a hiring requirement all new engineers must successfully break another blockchain project and then send us and them (the core team) how they conducted the break and what is the solution.
  • Testing: Block Collider will move the community testing of the developer period to become entirely the responsibility of the core team. With thousands of combinations and depending on the success of the hiring initiative we expect full coverage to take 1-2 months. Developers who would like a series of pairs to test can reach out to @craig_weisman for their series. We are excited to take on this role and while it will take more time for the core team we are honored and eager to complete the core protocol!
  • Roadmap: Block Collider will release the updated V2 roadmap on April 28th which includes the Overline launch window, hiring updates, and dates helpful to decentralized exchanges looking to migrate their technology.


In entrepreneurship communication is another word for education. Feedback from the community has been consistent we need to work on more education resources. Unfortunately this is linked to the hiring problem but it can also be solved by optimizing our current education environment. EMB Nation (www.embnation.com) has been a very successful tool to learn, engage, and discuss. Over the next 3 months we are going to migrate the Telegram chat groups to EMB Nation which will prevent unnecessary comments and reeducation while encouraging deeper topical conversations.


In order to further optimize communications please select which medium is the best, we are speaking with candidates now to handle weekly posts and will treat their management of this as their first task.

    • Weekly Email
    • Weekly Telegram Channel Update
    • Weekly Text Message

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