VOTE: Elect The First Archevangelist


The Vote

The Evangelists have nominated two members to become the first ELECTED official governance member of Block Collider. We issue the following vote and purpose awarding both members the role should they choose to accept.


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The Chair Details

The individual who sits in Archevangelist Moderator Elect chair is critical to the founding culture of Block Collider.

  • Moderator powers across all of EMB Nation and admin power within the invite-only Evangelists Telegram group.
  • Rewards active members of the community from a monthly stipend of 100 Studiorum Coin (the community influence token of EMB Nation).
  • Elected for a period of 3 months initially then a term of 12 months until resignation.
  • Posts EMB Nation votes and AMAs on behalf of members of the Arbiter Senate who with to remain anonymous.

Time requirements & Deliverables


Chair Limits

  • June 11th 2019: A vote of confidence in the current Archevangelist.
  • June 12th 2019: The Community may show gratitude by donating to a confidence grant of ETH or BTC (not EMB) at the end of every Archevangelist term.


  • New Archevangelists are awarded a x1 forged Emblem and x1 Founders Hoodie.
  • New Archevangelists may award a peer x1 forged Emblem and x1 Founders Hoodie.
  • New Archevangelists will get access to the anonymous alert email inbox “whispers”.

For questions reach out to @craig.


Very well! A lot of support for both of the above from the Evangelists. They did not take the vote lightly and are as excited as we are to see what the community as a whole decides on!