Wake up. Pour yourself a drink. Make some noise

The next phase is imminent. There are kinks to be ironed out, and there is a lot of untiring work going on behind the scenes, but the sense that we are close to a full public launch is palpable. I like what I see of Borderless so far, and that is just the beginning which then kicks off many other nice things.

When conviction is chosen over convenience every single time, the journey will ask greater questions of all participants. It is true that the community “deserve” more answers. It is equally true that the team “deserve” more patience from us. Chicken and egg. I am sure the team is looking forward, more eagerly than us, to present to us their labour of love. “Soon!”

@Team: It is much harder to appreciate conviction from a distance. And as long as things are under wraps, the distance would not fade away for some members of the community. Please continue to soldier on and build towards the uncompromising vision. We are with you, though it is hard to let patience defeat excitement every single time.

While we all wait, let’s shake off the inactivity and start getting ready for the ride ahead. Let us change the tone a bit - let us remind ourselves why we chose to be a part of this journey, which has been ‘un-crypto’ in many ways.

I propose that we all leave messages (yes, even the team, or is that wishful) in the following format:

  • When did you first get involved in BC?

  • Your favourite BC memory so far

  • Your dream use case for BC

And if anyone has any wild guesses on what Overline could be – shoot away I guess.

Yours’ store-of-valuably,


I go first.

Nov 2017

Best memory
Physical emblem for Valentine’s 2019
A close second is waking up for a series of 3 am events (around and before ICO time, curse of the European time zone)

Dream use case
Interoperable SSI (full identity incl. Medical records) but with on-chain triggers (through a regulated super collider??) to access select elements in emergency use cases.


I’m still as excited as pre-ICO, due to the ongoing quest for truly decentralised exchanges.
The crypto world has changed though since 2018 with much more emphasis being placed on Proof of Stake over Proof of Work. I’m curious how this affects Borderless and it’s growth of relevant token pairs (as NEO, LSK, Waves have become irrelevant chains).

I’m patient and give the team all the time and space in the world to succeed and deliver. What BC is aiming for is still unprecedented.


I was busy and decided to wait if this topic will make impact on embnation. I guess this Delay with Overline is most responsibile for that. I am not sure what to expect, project is stuck as a liTtle kid age 6 years old…

Team. We wait. Evangelists, second evangelists, investors, supporters, locked hodlers(safest bet not to waste embs), timekeepers and watchers. Thanks on patience and hardwork on PoD, Borderless, Collider and Overline.


  1. after i lost my eth to stupid scam/fraud, i was informed about this project just little bit before ICO time. Perfect timing to keep waiting…

  2. my late father taking picture of me holding gift for Valentine’s last year, soon six months how he passes away and why is that most valuable memory because he never before or later took a photo of i…

  3. Walled Everything inside BC.
    New open protocol with certainty of blockchain/blockcollider technology.
    Working Environment for Internet.

And leasing ability of EMBlems…
Freed by Crypto.


After it blew up in the ICO media reportings. Money chasing husle era.

Pulling the before target container from a 4G connection in a Sri Lanka train.
When a mysterious mining philanthropist came in community and rewarded me for posting Coach Corey Wayne thumbnails in Telegram group.

Become the validator’s validator. Need validation, plugin Overline. Bring trustless information centralisation (Oracles) accross divers layer 1 networks (including CBDC audit trails, Digital Share registers, Personal Information networks, NeuraLink implusNet etc ). Earth’s API for humanoids

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