What excites you about Block Collider?


I think the answer takes me back to 2008 when I felt like I really needed to research the banking system and how money is created. I bought a few books. At the time I wanted to understand how the older generation had allowed the debt to rise so rapidly. I was bothered by the ease in which banks and politicians could create new money, effectively placing a hidden tax on poor people. Block Collider is an alignment of like-minded philosophies for me. When people are in control of a monetary system, it inevitably leads to corruption, despite the best intentions of the systems founders. It took me a while to discover bitcoin, but when I fully understood the implications that a decentralized system had on the future of money, I was hooked. I spent quite a lot of time researching cryptocurrencies, and when I found Block Collider, I thought that I had found something that aligned with my views on bitcoin. As my understanding of Block Collider grew with BCE1 and other bits of information, I found myself more and more attached to the core principles of Block Collider, and how these principles never wavered.

Post your experiences below :slight_smile:


Fully agree with you., Roumanis.

Right is a subjective word. But I believe in doing things the right way. Within the space, Block Collider is that for me, aligned fully with my ideals. For me, the Block Collider team has chosen conviction over convenience at every point along their journey so far. And that allows me to invest myself emotionally into the project.



Spot on - conviction over convenience. That’s why I’m here.


So many smart people working on a great thing. Its exciting to see a project revolutionary like this grow since its beginnings.


Using multiple existing blockchain to mine blocks and the decentralized governance via evangelists is something which I really like about this project


If I missed Ethereum then I did not want to miss the second chance.
This is Block Collider for me.