When will a gpu miner be available for windows?

Hi. I just wanted to know when a gpu miner will be available for block collider. Also, when will overline be shown and when will borderless testing be completed?

Hi @Cryptoguy25, Welcome to EMB Nation!

That is a good question! While there is no official GPU miner from Block Collider, there are currently a lot of folks from within Block Collider Advanced Telegram channel that have put together some great documentation on running their community-built GPU miner (linux / nvidia only). Check out their repository here: https://github.com/trick77/bcnode-gpu-docker and follow up with any questions regarding GPU on the Block Collider Advanced telegram channel. They’ll be happy to help!

No announcement date for the public launch of Overline has been released. And while Borderless testing is going very well, we are committed to constantly testing/improving and have no plans to stop in the future. :slight_smile: The team will announce the public launch of Borderless soon. Stay tuned here, on our twitter, and on telegram for the latest announcements for both Overline and Borderless.

When will emblems be unlocked? The mainnet is working and so is borderless so why exactly are they still locked? We are in a bull market and everyone has eyes on dexes and defi projects. This is the best time to unlock. What exactly are you waiting for?