Wrap a NEP-5 token into an ERC-20 token

Is it possible to wrap a NEP-5 token into an ERC-20 token ?
I imagine you would need some sort of bridge UI to let NEP-5 users convert to ERC and vice-versa…
Is such thing already possible today ?

Goal behind it is to make NEP-5 tokens easy accessible in ETH DeFi ecosystem.

Now that I think of it… could this be what ‘overline’ is about ?

Don’t think Overline is about that narrow swap feature.
Let’s speculate a bit remembering that Overline was mentioned somewhere a ‘consumer product’ supposed to be working on BC multichain. I think of it like Borderless. But what could be possible more widespread? May it be some kind of hyper-barter story. Besides, its functionality is somehow embedded in BSEC-wallets, do you remember what it consist of? BTC wallet, ETH wallet aaaand network address. Any ideas what is that address for?